Client Testimonials

aa Frances Kuba is an exceptional realtor and words are not fully sufficient to convey the positive experience we had. Every single detail of our home purchase journey was taken care of by Frances and was executed in the highest possible manner. She was efficient, professional, and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions right away. She demonstrated amazing follow-up skills even long after the sale had closed to make sure we filed certain forms that would be a benefit to us later.

She went above and beyond the call of duty each and every day, in every instant and in every step of the way. She pre-anticipated our needs, and went out of her way to make things as easy and organized as possible. She intuitively knew what we were looking for and even pre-scouted places we chose to see so we could skip the ones that she knew would not work for us to save our time.

Professional Expectations: On a scale of 1-10, Frances was a HUNDRED. She far exceeded our expectations.

Service: Frances gave us exceptional service from day one. She worked effortlessly and tirelessly doing everything it took for us to find the perfect home.

Thorough Follow-up: Her follow-up was beyond compare. She did not leave anything out and was in touch with us to make sure we were comfortable with all aspects of the sale.

Fair Dealings
: Frances’ business card has the word “Integrity” as an identifier. We found Frances to be honorable and fair in all our dealings with her.
—Alan Wong and Alice Inoue

As a first time home buyers, in a volatile market, Frances was incredible! With her efficient ways and humble personality, Frances made our dream come true. Frances provided all the information, gave us options but always left the final decisions up to us. She was very professional and honest at all times. We have gained a friend and realtor for life.
—John and Christine Greer

She is very kind and gives a lot of valuable information. I believe Frances Kuba is a No.1 Realtor in Hawaii.
—Ikumi Sato

Paying and supporting two properties at the same time wasn’t exactly what Mike Choi had in mind when he listed his home. But with the house on the market for six months and no offers, he didn’t have any other choice.

"I had listed the property with my brother-in-law, thinking he could do the job,” admits Mike. “But he wasn’t as experienced as we needed him to be. After six months, he still couldn’t sell it.”

Realizing he needed an organized and professional agent for the job, Mike turned to Frances Kuba, an agent his wife met years ago when she was looking to purchase an apartment. With 13 years experience in the real estate industry, and specializing in residential and international clients, Frances had more than enough experience to sell the $1.5 million dollar Honolulu home. But more importantly, Mike knew she could attract the right buyers.

“Frances is friendly and thoughtful. Customers are drawn to her,” says Mike. “She has a magnetism generated by her wonderful personality and by her genuine concern for her customers and friends. In fact, most of her customers become her friends.”

One of Mike’s biggest concerns was getting a good price. To ensure, his home sold for its true value, Frances researched comparable properties and then listed the home in the proper range so that it could be sold rapidly. With her Japanese speaking abilities and her experience with Japanese business customs, the listing attracted not only English-speaking buyers, but also international ones. Almost immediately Mike’s home received three offers, starting a price war. Frances sold the property within a week at 55K above the asking price.

“Frances thought of every angle on how to list our property to best attract potential buyers. She was very thorough in her commitment to selling our home,” says Mike. “I am indebted to Frances. I wish all my business associates were like her. Life would be so easy.”

Mike Choi would gladly recommend Frances Kuba’s services to anyone looking for a committed and professional agent. Some people say you need that “Eye of the Tiger” or a certain spirit to succeed. Mike says Frances has that spirit. To learn more about Frances Kuba, feel free to email Mike at: EChoi47791@aol.com.
—Mike Choi

Frances Kuba and Elaine Kato have been friends since childhood. With Frances working in real estate for over 13 years, it was no surprise when Elaine turned to her for help with her recent condo sale.

“We were concerned about selling the unit in a timely manner and getting the maximum price for it,” said Bradley Kato, Elaine’s husband. “In the past, Frances had helped my mother-in-law sell their condo and was a big help. We trusted her, and knew she would do the same for us.”

Elaine and Bradley Kato’s real estate transaction was more complicated than selling a simple unit. They were already living in their Honolulu condominium complex, but wanted to purchase and move to a new unit within the same building. They, then, wanted to sell their original unit quickly, without losing money.

“Frances helped negotiate a good price on the unit we were moving in to, but carrying two mortgages was not a good option for us,” said Bradley. “We weren’t at all worried. We knew Frances would do her best to find a buyer quickly. When she commits to something, she puts all her effort and energy into the task, and focuses on getting it done.”

Specializing in both condominium and single family homes in the Oahu/Honolulu area, Frances knew what it would take to sell the Kato unit. Working with Bradley and Elaine, she provided suggestions on how to prepare the unit for sale and then put them in contact with the necessary people to complete the task quickly. The extra prep work paid off. Within 8 days, Frances had an offer from a cash buyer and the Kato’s were able to close the deal within a month.

“Frances is great to work with,” said Bradley. “Not only is she energetic, but she is bi-lingual. This was a great asset when working on my mother-in-law’s sale as she lives in Okinawa.”

Elaine and Bradley Kato have used Frances Kuba’s services more than once, and would recommend her services to anyone wanting a real estate agent who’s committed to getting the job done.
—Elaine and Bradley Kato

bullet As a single parent with teenagers and demanding full-time job, I had no time to meddle with paperwork and decision making when it came time to sell the unit. Frances handled every little paperwork. I didn’t lift a finger, she always came to my home after hours to explain and get signatures. She has great negotiating skills and is extremely level headed and very patient. Thanks to Frances, I sold the unit that helped me buy for more than 40% profit. She is highly respected in the community as well, as an instructor.
—Christina Oishi-Chun

Randy and Frances are very honest and looks after our best interest.

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